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July 24, 2014

5 minutes with the MD

Craig Humphreys – Managing Director

Craig is an IT veteran and experienced business manager having held a number of leadership positions in both Australian and multinational organisations over the past 15 years.

Craig founded iQ3 in 2010 with a strong vision; to deliver data solutions to address the ever changing landscape of IT with a growing appetite for ‘as-a-service’ offerings. That vision has established iQ3 as an innovator and leader in Data Storage and backup and recovery solutions throughout APAC.


1.What services do you currently offer?

Cloud backup, cloud storage and cloud compute

2.How long have these services been running?

We started with cloud backup about 3yrs ago and have introduced storage and compute since then due to customer demand. These were seen as very natural extensions of our cloud backup service and also aligned with our internal team skillset as we have been designing and deploying these type of infrastructure solutions to our clients for some time.

3.Do you have a success story you can share?

We have a number of use cases and success stories with clients – one of those is Jones Lang LaSalle – they are a large multinational property and financial services organisation with offices around the globe. We were originally engaged to provide cloud based backup for their regional offices within APJ. That service kicked off about 2yrs ago and had been a great success – the data has grown considerably in that time and we have now extended the service to include their primary and secondary data centres.

4. Who is your target market? Just about any business really.

Anyone who is keen to move away from legacy tape based backups or remove the headaches associated with backing up and restoring their data. We have large corporate clients, government departments, education, research and small boutique businesses so it’s a very broad spectrum of clients as our solutions can scale up or down seamlessly.

5.What would be the on boarding process for new clients?

It depends on the service but in each case the on boarding is pretty straight forward, we typically workshop with each client to gather some information around their data types, retention policies, physical locations and their primary use case. From there we map out the appropriate service. We take a workshopping approach as each client has different requirements, so we have standardised platforms for consistency of service but they can be tailored to specific client needs.

6.What makes your service different to others?

It would have to be our engagement process, expertise and quality of service. As service providers we are in business for long term engagements so that means we need to be delivering value and relevance to our clients in an ongoing capacity. We take on the attitude that we are an extension of our clients own resources – we see every project as a joint project and its success to us is measured by the clients outcome and their success. This ensures we are very well aligned to ensuring a great outcome for our clients.