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December 16, 2016

Brisbane Networking Event

iQ3 and Dell EMC hosted a Networking Event in Brisbane last week titled “Evolution of the Modern Data Centre”. Attendees were welcomed into a whisky haven in Brisbane’s CBD; Nant Whisky Bar, where we enjoyed canapes, the best of Tasmanian whisky and custom tailored business shirts by our partners George & King Tailors.

The night proved a fantastic opportunity  to network, engage and collaborate with other information technology and data leaders, from a cross section of industries. Customers shared  ideas  around  how  this proliferation of IT sprawl in Data Centre’s has contributed to rising operations costs and stifling agility. We showcased a technology that has revolutionized the industry by providing unprecedented performance, flexibility and scale creating the foundation of the modern data center. Some of the talking points included:

  • What will your modernised data centre landscape look like?
  • Does the future DC have one size that fits all?
  • How important are flexible IT support Systems to business agility?
  • How can I ensure consistency of services across both on premises and cloud?
  • How do we manage capacity growth without compromising resources?
  • How can I securely extend my Data Centre and applications to the cloud?
  • How do I reduce cost AND grow efficiencies?

All in all a fantastic networking event with great people and valuable mind share. A few images below of the night that was, enjoy!









Care to Join?

At iQ3 we pride ourselves on continuously running interesting events at fantastic venues. Our events are tailored with content that is relevant to your current business challenges and the evolving IT landscape.

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