About iQ3

iQ3 are part of Australia’s largest listed cybersecurity company, Tesserent (ASX:TNT). iQ3 provides enterprise-grade, secure cloud solutions to organisations across all industries, in Australia and the Asia Pacific. We deliver value and relevance to our clients who appreciate our flexibility and experience in delivering highly effective and commercially attractive solutions.

iQ3’s comprehensive suite of cloud services is delivered direct from our ISO-certified Network Operations Centre (NOC) and from Tesserent’s ISO-certified Security Operations Centre (SOC) to provide an array of Cloud, Connectivity and Managed Security Services capabilities.

iQ3’s customers have peace of mind knowing that their critical data and networks are protected 24/7/365 thanks to iQ3’s team of highly skilled and experienced architects. Our team at iQ3 are committed to being a trusted security partner of our clients, supporting them through today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape.

The iQ3 Story

iQ3 was founded in 2010 with a clear strategy to deliver IT infrastructure as a service. With a firm belief that IT is the key enabler for businesses in the digital world, iQ3 set out to deliver enterprise-class services and solutions to organisations across all industries in a more straightforward, more cost-effective way.

As a leading adopter of utility-based infrastructure solutions, iQ3 challenged the value of traditional capital investment purchase cycles and transformed organisations to fuel business growth. iQ3 has continued to adapt and evolve its capabilities to keep up with the fast-paced digital economy, delivering a comprehensive suite of secure cloud solutions.

In 2020, iQ3 was acquired by Australia’s largest ASX listed cybersecurity provider, Tesserent. The decision arose when iQ3 recognised the increasing importance to expand its cybersecurity capabilities in a time when security had become an ongoing priority for organisations across the board.

iQ3 is committed to continuing its success by providing value and relevance to its clients, thanks to its dedicated team of experts, who are relentlessly committed to ensuring first-class service to its highly valued customer base.

Craig Humphreys


Craig is the founder and CEO of iQ3. He is an IT veteran, having held a number of leadership positions in both Australian and multinational organisations for more than 20 years. He began iQ3 in 2010 with a strong vision…..to address the ever changing landscape of IT with a growing appetite for ‘as-a-service’ offerings.

Matthew Purcell

Senior Account Manager, Government & Education

Matthew has many years of experience in working with Government, Research, and Education, including while with IBM and Sun Microsystems. He gets a great deal of satisfaction in helping his customers deliver flexible and reliable IT infrastructure..

Jonathan Bourke

Technical Director

Jonathan has extensive experience in the architecture, implementation, and management of advanced infrastructure solutions for Global Corporations, Large Enterprises, and Public Bodies. He previously worked with NSW Department of Education, Dell, and Cisco, and holds numerous advanced technical certifications.

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple; to become a strategic and trusted partner to our clients, one that provides value, is easy to engage and collaborate with and one that drives successful projects forward.