Data Protection Luncheon

On Thursday 22nd March, IT Experts across all industries gathered at the Flying Fish restaurant, Sydney to discuss the importance and relevance of data protection and security. Leaders shared their challenges and experiences with the increasing pressure of security threats in multi-cloud environments, and agreed that while “data protection” can be quite straightforward, “information protection” is more complex.

Guest speaker from UTS, James Lucas discussed the challenges which the university experiences with data protection and security, particularly within the education industry. He explained that particularly during exam time, with 3,632 staff and approximately 44,753 students, a lot of pressure is placed on the university’s wireless network, and it is essential that they have the ability recover quickly should disaster strike. To achieve this, UTS has implemented agile technology to produce regular reports through various snapshots, allowing the university to recover the data in a timely manner. iQ3 has worked closely with UTS since 2014, deploying it’s cloud backup service and deduplication technology to successfully store and protect the university’s exponential data.

IT leaders from the finance industry shared their difficulties given new compliance and legislation and the pressures these place on IT departments to understand when the right time is to destroy the data, and where to find the data when that time comes. As more legislation is created around long-term storage, organisations recognise the urgency to move their data off-premise and into a secure cloud environment.

Particularly within larger organisations, data protection becomes more complex when staff are working across different technologies and different servers, highlighting the need for adequate deduplication technologies if disaster strikes. Guests shared their frustrations, particularly with the regular updates involved on the O365 platform, creating large amounts of duplicate data and causing files to be more difficult to locate. This emphasises the need for organisations to implement agile defence and speedy backup to ensure organisations can recover quickly and consistently.

Given the nature of the constantly evolving technology industry, delegates agreed that they found themselves spending more energy and resources on auditing their data across their local and cloud storage. However these evolvements are what has enabled iQ3 to utilise snapshot technology across their cloud platform to deliver regular reports and eliminate time wasted on waiting for backup tapes.

These days, as organisations focus on big data for research purposes, the costs involved to backup and archive data is often overlooked. iQ3 CEO, Craig Humphreys spoke about his experience within the cloud IT industry and emphasised the importance of taking a step back to allow you observe the company as a whole and acknowledge the importance of business process assurance. Humphreys stated that while traditionally, it was solely an IT focus to manage business process assurance and security goals, these days, the trend is for business owners to be accountable and responsible for the organisations data integrity.

iQ3 enjoyed bringing together leaders of IT over a delicious meal with matching wines, to better understand the challenges, commonalities and trends across the different industries. iQ3’s services range from public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure, with professional and managed services, and daily data protection of 10PB+ with success rates of 97%+. Email Marketing if you would like to register your interest for iQ3’s next executive roundtable luncheon, or to receive a quote for your cloud, backup and data protection needs, contact us today.