The agency is responsible for storing and maintaining a significant volume of state owned data and needed a new service to support its growing storage requirements. After reviewing options to either expand and continue investing in IT infrastructure internally or look at a utility based service via GovDC’s marketplace, the agency decided to go to market via an RFP process.

iQ3 responded to the RFP with its ‘Cloud Storage’ service that is delivered from the GovDC Marketplace specifically for NSW Government agencies.

iQ3 were successful and were selected based on:

  • Mature service offering
  • Clear and predictive pricing model
  • Flexible engagement and terms
  • Referenceable Government Customers
  • Immediate and ongoing cost savings

These benefits were key in the decision making process and as the service has been integrated into the agencies environment without disruption on the agency’s operations, the agency are already experiencing the simplicity of the new solution with a significant reduction in management and internal overheads.