Large Uni

Since 2016, iQ3 have been working with a major university, noted as having one of the largest backup environments in Australia. The IT department were becoming overwhelmed with the amount of support tickets left unresolved, together with keeping up with the day to day demands of running over 2000VMs. The University approached iQ3 to provide a solution, allowing them to rapidly scale, whilst meeting the demands of its environment.

iQ3 were able to learn the nuances of the environment and execute a prompt and streamlined onboarding in a matter of hours, despite the immense size of the environment. It was thanks to iQ3’s firm knowledge base and automation tools, which allowed the operation to continue around the clock, until completion.

iQ3’s cloud and managed services have provided the University’s operations team with more time to focus on the provisioning of new resources for new projects, as well as the capacity to concentrate on overarching business goals.