iQ3 is an agile and dynamic IT company delivering infrastructure as a service, cloud backup, cloud storage and cloud compute/DR across Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud models. We provide solutions and services across a wide range of industry sectors including Government, Education and Commercial organisations. We are continuously investing in our people and solutions, keeping up with the evolution of IT whilst managing to maintain a traditional approach to customer service.

Considering a move to the “Cloud”?

iQ3’s Cloud Strategy service assesses the value proposition for an organisation considering a change to their legacy environment with a shift towards cloud based solutions.

For many organisations, evaluating all the options in the marketplace is a daunting task. One of the biggest challenges is the duration that extensive evaluations can take. Engaging iQ3 brings many years of experience and expertise to the table which can provide valuable insights. Understanding which cloud is best suited for a particular workload, as well as knowing how to transition can minimise risks and disruption to any changes.

The key benefit to our clients is allowing them to accelerate migrations, understand potential costs, in turn allowing them to start gaining benefits from a more flexible and agile environment sooner.

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