State Library of NSW

The State Library of NSW collects and preserves materials and evidence on a national and global level, in order to make them accessible to NSW and beyond. The library is well advanced in its transformation project which is enabling the digitisation of its most iconic, at risk and highly valued collections.

The Digitisation Programme involves the creation and preservation of digital material, extending to over 20 million collection images, one of the most expansive collections Australia has ever seen. This large-scale initiative has seen the library recognised globally for its unyielding digital excellence, due to its ability to deliver high-quality collections across the world.

One of the biggest challenges faced by the library was the ability to deliver the necessary IT infrastructure at such scale, without jeopardising the high-speed access to its digitised assets for staff members.

iQ3 was able to design a hybrid cloud strategy for the State Library of NSW which delivered the agility and scalability required to deliver such an ambitious programme. The solution involved iQ3 Cloud Storage to enable scalable high-performance storage including snapshot and geographic protection, accessible across highly secure, low-latency links. In addition to this, a third backup copy of the data is duplicated to lower performance storage tier at AWS using AW DataSync. This allows the library to experience an integrated service which delivers the right combination of performance, redundancy and protection at the right price.

Recently, the Library has expanded its engagement with iQ3, leveraging iQ3 Cloud Compute f or development of the next generation of Digital Asset Management system, while also deploying iQ3 Managed Security, iQ3 Managed Firewalls and associated dark fibre connectivity.