University of Sydney

In 1852, The University of Sydney opened its doors, the first of its kind in Australia, and it has since been ranked as one of the top fifty universities in the world. Its esteemed profile has been bult on its commitment to driving the research space and ability to take a “Big Picture” approach to its studies. The University of Sydney combines the expertise and talents of scholars from an array of disciplines in order to effectively analyse problems from all angles, forging a trail in the education space.

As a result, the University generates enormous volumes of data. The University’s research data volumes have experienced tremendous monthly growth rates and it is very difficult to obtain visibility of where upcoming data growth would be coming from. This inevitably places strains on the IT infrastructure and on capacity planning and budgetary forecasting, making it challenging to deliver responsive, highly available storage services.

The University identified that they urgently required a massively scalable unstructured storage service to ensure an ongoing seamless experience for the 2000+ researchers. The market process identified two suitable parties that could provide such a service at the necessary speed and scale. The two parties were a Public Cloud provider and iQ3 Cloud.

iQ3 was selected as the successful provider based on the cloud provider’s ability to move such large amounts of data in a timely fashion and the level of flexibility and agility their service team could offer. Importantly, iQ3 Cloud Storage had all of the characteristics the University was seeking, particularly massive scalability, secure services, and high-performance. IQ3’s Cloud Storage successfully demonstrated its ability to deliver the right outcomes at an attractive price. The university appreciated the Australian service provider’s ability to deliver fully managed cloud at a cost which was more attractive than managing their own infrastructure in the public cloud.

iQ3’s Cloud Storage increases visibility across the data sets and now provides access to real time metrics and granular reporting, allowing the university to discover which projects are generating what data. This means that their IT teams can now improve budgetary forecasting.

iQ3 were able to rapidly deliver this solution in a tight time frame, successfully scaling to stay ahead of the unpredictable and steep monthly capacity increases. This solution has now been in use for two years, allowing The University of Sydney to proactively plan and ensure that there has been no interruption to the researchers during this time.